The Flash

Flash Inu is a new meme cryptocurrency inspired by the film Flash. It is a community-driven project that aims to provide a fun and accessible way for people to get involved in the cryptocurrency space.

Total Suply

1 MIL Tokens, fixed supply.

Marketing Tax

5% of all $FLASH traded goes to the marketing wallet.


4% of the $FLASH traded goes back to the holders.

Auto Liquidity

1% of the $FLASH traded goes into the liquidity.

Why Flash Inu

What's good about Flash Inu?

Flash Inu has a number of features that make it unique and appealing to investors. These features include:

Deflationary: Flash Inu is a deflationary token, which means that the supply of tokens is constantly decreasing.

Reflections: Holders of Flash Inu tokens will receive a portion of every transaction in the form of reflections.

Utility: Flash Inu has a number of utility features that will be released in the coming months. 

What does $FLASH have extra?

Groundbreaking utilities!

Flash Inu has a number of utility features that will be released in the coming months. These features include a NFT marketplace, a staking platform, a play-to-earn game and a swapper (FlashSwap).



How will we proceed?

The Flash Inu roadmap outlines the team's plans for the project in the coming months. The roadmap includes the release of a number of new features, as well as the expansion of the Flash Inu community. You can view our roadmap here.

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